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Top ten most popular FAQs

What is the minimum age for a prospecive student

Our prospective students minimum age is from 16yrs and above

How many years are your Bsc and ND programmes

Two sections for our foundational B. SC program here in our campus (Nigeria) the remaining two or three more sections will be spend in the mother school abroad. While our professional Diploma /National diploma (PD/ND) will spend (3) sessions.

How qualified are your lecturers

We have well disciplined and experienced human resources lecturers with high level of academics, research and well exposed.

Do you have satelite campuses in other states?

We do not have any satellite campus yet.


Do you offer Post-Graduate Study

We do not offer post graduate studies.

Do you have connects with any organization that students can work in after graduation

Yes, we have some organizations we partner with, for job engagement.

Can fees be paid installmentally?

Yes, we accept instalmental payments on tuition fee.

Does your institution provide accomodation?

Yes, upon the request of the prospective students.

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